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Aloe & Coconut Water Diffuser

Aloe & Coconut Water Diffuser

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Aloe & Coconut Water

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of a luxurious spa or escape to a serene haven where the gentle caress of ocean breeze meets the refreshing essence of a tropical paradise. Inspired by the soothing embrace of aloe and the crisp purity of coconut water, this fragrance invokes a sense of blissful relaxation. As you inhale, subtle sun-kissed citrus notes dance delicately upon your senses adding a bright and invigorating touch. Meanwhile, whispers of coconut and sugar weave through the air, imparting a sweetness that lingers like a fond memory. Let the harmonious blend envelop you in a cocoon of pure tranquillity, leaving you refreshed, revitalised and utterly at peace. 


Top Notes: Coconut Water

Heart Notes: Subtle Citrus, Sugar

Base Notes: Aloe


Scented Diffusers 100ml Gift Box with Reeds

Our scented diffusers are made using a base that enhances our fragrances giving optimal evaporation for a luxurious scent throw that fills a room. With no need for a flame or an electric burner, they are the perfect alternative to candles and wax melts. Lovingly handmade and complete with fibre reeds, branded wooden tag and gift box.

Scented Diffuser Refills 200ml 

Once you’ve purchased a scented diffuser (100ml), please reuse the bottle and order our fragrance refills. These come in 200ml glass bottles without the reeds and gift box so you can save the environment and some pennies! We also sell extra reeds if you need a refresh - click the link below to see reed bundles.

Our products comply with CLP regulatory requirements. CLP information is available upon request.

Diffuser Care

Twist the cap and remove the stopper, replace the cap and insert the reeds

After an hour or two, flip the reeds to saturate the other ends

Place the diffuser in an area where people will pass to encourage consistent circulation of the fragrance

Flip the reeds once a week (Fridays are a good day!) or when you notice the fragrance dissipating - we call it ‘Flip it Friday’… you’re welcome.



200ml (refill)

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