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Kindlecone Natural Firelighters

Kindlecone Natural Firelighters

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Kindlecone Natural Firelighters

Here at Little St Cloud, we love to light the wood burner with these natural kindlecones. They look so beautiful sat next to the fire and in our opinion are far superior to the petrochemical laden firelighters you find in shops these days. They are the perfect house warming gift.  Made from our tester candle wax, they are the perfect eco firelighter. They arrive packaged in a resealable bag containing 6 beautiful kindlecones (sizes may vary)

Kindlecone Care

Arrange a fire in the usual way and place the kindlecone amongst the kindling and light the wick

Keep kindlecones away from pets and children

Wash hands after handling

Please note: kindlecones must not be used as a candle!

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