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Star Wax Melt Burner & Wax Melts

Star Wax Melt Burner & Wax Melts

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This star wax melt burner is simple and elegant, blending perfectly with all interiors.  The burner comes with your choice of The Little St Cloud Company wax melts.  Perfect for gifting or treating yourself. Don't forget to order matching tealights to complement the melts.

Wax Burner Care

Wax Burner Care:

Remove any packaging and place a wax melt in to the well of your burner being careful not to overfill the well with too much wax. Position the burner onto a heat resistant surface, place a 2 to 4 hour tealight in the space under the well and light, keeping the burner away from other objects, walls or curtains, but not on counter top edges. Never leave the burner unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep out of a draught and never move the burner whilst lit.

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